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Tad Ladd - Whitetail Pro

Tad Ladd

I'm Tad Ladd. I was born and raised right here in western Kentucky. I left the farm for the USAF and traveled around the world in my duties. I returned to my family farm, right here in western Kentucky in 2006. I have been pursuing this opportunity my entire life. My first bow hunt was in 1981, I was eleven. I have been hunting, observing, studying and managing whitetails ever since.

We take no shortcuts, and dedicate proper preparation and strategic planning in every aspect of our operation. Soil samples, fertilizer mixes, high quality seed, managed cut over and habitat improvement, unharvested crops for supplement feed, our resource deserves our total commitment, and we provide it each and every day.

We are fair chase hunters, always have been, always will be; I cannot guarantee any guest that he or she will harvest a buck. What I can guarantee is that we will work every day, to ensure you have the best opportunity possible, in an area that is genetically sound, and in an area where the resource and the guest are respected and treated in the utmost regard. That is a guarantee.

Tad Ladd Custom Crafted

We Design and Create World Class Whitetail Hunting Property

The search for your dream hunting property ends right here. We are proud to offer, genetically sound, western Kentucky farms, designed and custom crafted to our hunting standards and strategies, with years of satisfied clients and trophy fair chase whitetails, and the resource has been restored and returned instead of taken and abused.

Tad Ladd team specializes in creating turn-key hunting property. We transform raw land into whitetail hunting havens. Sophisticated buyers are searching for property that is ready to hunt. Sophisticated hunters know the hard work that must be performed, and recognize quality property immediately. Transforming farms is our specialty. Genetics alone cannot sustain a quality whitetail herd, and the transformation detail is hard work. Our vision, experience and our organized plan of attack is proven, documented and on display each time we host guests.

We know our deer, area, land and terrain intimately;  we have been hunting right here where we were born and raised for 35 years. We know how our deer move, what they need for cover and what they need to reach their potential, and we lay out our farms to achieve each one, and our record is proven and documented, as we put client after client on the bucks of their dreams.

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Our Procedure

Our Proven Procedure

We have our own line of equipment, designed and selected for the target areas of its intended use. We have industry relationships that enable us to provide every detail of our plan. We create the plan, and we perform the work, every step of the way.

Our outfit guest hunting success is well documented, and is achieved because we have strategically enhanced our soils, created our trails, feed stands and plots, enhanced cover and habitat and worked relentlessly. We use our experience and the best products in the industry to create unique, trophy Whitetail specific farms, and now you can OWN your very own!

Our Platform

Our Platform - Every Client becomes Family

We operate a full time, year round, five star hunting lodge and work every day enhancing our owners and outfit farms. We host serious whitetail fair chase hunters from all over the country and show them every detail of our work. Esteemed guests see with their own eyes and experience in person the manner and standard in which we prepare a property. We prove our value each time we host guests at our lodge, and create the desire to be an owner of a Tad Ladd whitetail property. Each property is seeded with Whitetail Institute seed blends, has Millennium treestands in place, with Hunter Safety System lines attached, and Deer30 mineral sites established!

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