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Dryden Creek - Tad Ladd Custom Design Hunt Community

Dryden Creek - 3800 acres - SOLD

Dryden Creek - 3800 Acres - SOLD

The heartbeat of this entire endeavor, is to create a sound age structure system. The only way to accomplish that is to allow the 3 and 4 year old bucks to "walk". We are searching for passionate hunters who cherish our heritage, but simply want to use their antler tag targeting a specific age class buck; one that is 5 years or older. We want to promote camaraderie and a kindred spirit,  and create unique and valuable properties where hunters collectively work together as we fairly pursue mature bucks on their own property.

We will provide the foundation with the design and habitat enhancement using our proven plan.  Our goal is to attract like minded, whitetail hunting enthusiasts that desire to own their own highly enhanced and valuable hunting property, yet collectively act as one as they fair chase mature, western Kentucky bucks.

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Custom Development

Tad Ladd Custom Development

The Tad Ladd team has custom developed close to 19,000 acres in the past ten years using their knowledge and experience of 30 plus years of hunting and managing west Kentucky whitetail. We are intimately familiar with the habitat and terrain and also knowledgeable on food sources and get the absolute most out of each farm we develop and manage. Dryden Creek is an enormous contiguous tract close to 3,750 acres in total.

We are creating turn key hunting tracts of all sizes and budgets for passionate hunters who desire to be part of this way of management and hunting, targeting mature bucks, while creating the infrastructure and habitat to produce giant trophy whitetail.

Summary of entire 3750 acre property: The primary road is incredible, it is composed of gravel and well constructed. Entry to the entire property is at the northern most tract and is a locked gate, combo shared by owners. The primary road will remain as the method of ingress to the property, as we have created multiple access points off the primary for wind ingress to tracts.

There are incredible well constructed gravel roads that branch off the primary to nearly every tract, and those will be accessible only to owners of tracts on that particular road. Hardwoods are select cut and stretch every tracts bottom areas and ridgelines. Planted pine that will be marketable makes up the remainder. The natural cover is absolutely incredible, and the cut pine areas produce natural forage and browse at an estimated 900 pound per acre rate, Our intent was to create intricate trail systems on each tract and create multiple points of ingress/egress for every wind scenario. We created multiple food source sites on each tract to offer increased amounts of nutrition and year round food sources as well as hunting areas.

This area is genetically sound, having produced a 241" non-typical that ranks number 5 all time in the state of Kentucky. There is a unique drop tine genetic that is also evident on the property, and the turkey hunting is absolutely off the charts. Our team has been doing this a long time, and we feel we have a good understanding of how to hunt western Kentucky hammers, and every detail and ounce of experience we take into account as we maneuver through these properties with our machinery. If you are looking for a place, where you can "trust" your neighbor, this is your stopping point. Our Hunt Community is designed specifically for the hunter who has self control and wishes to be part of contributing to the resource as we fair chase mature bucks.

The entire 3750 acres is also some of the finest turkey hunting in our region, as this farm is absolutely loaded with birds!