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What is a Hunt Community

What is a Hunt Community

Hunt Community Concept

Tad Ladd Hunt Community - Turn Key ready to Hunt Whitetail Properties

The heartbeat of this entire endeavor, is to create a sound age structure system. The only way to accomplish that is to allow the 3 and 4 year old bucks to"walk". We are searching for passionate hunters who cherish our heritage, but simply want to use their antler tag targeting a specific age class buck; one that is 5 years or older. We want to promote camaraderie and a kindred spirit, and put folks around the campfire again and create unique and valuable properties where hunters collectively work together as we fairly pursue mature bucks.

We will provide the foundation with the design and habitat enhancement using our proven plan. Our goal is to attract like minded, whitetail hunting enthusiasts that desire to own their own highly enhanced and valuable hunting property, yet collectively act as one as they fair chase mature, western Kentucky bucks.

A Tad Ladd Hunt Community (HC) is a new and exciting concept in the world of hunting and real estate. Here is the process for developing the absolute best small acreage Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Properties.

Dryden Creek HC

Fox Road

Step 1

Step 1 - Find the property

The first step in developing a HC is to identify a large contiguous tract. The tract is then evaluated to determine if it meets criteria, based on our years of experience and intimate knowledge of studying and pursuing whitetails, where we can execute our proven plan of enhancement.

The plan and the commitment are infintely more important than the land. We can create and enhance the existing habitat to produce the results we desire. We have been doing it with amazing results and our client reviews and testimony, from hunters from every walk of life, verify our effort and ability.

We simply want to be able to offer the opportunity to as many as possible, and the larger the property the more that can share in the experience.

Step 2

Step 2 - Design and Develop

This is where our experience and proven sound plan of enhancement along with the blood, sweat and tears of our team come into play. It all starts with a sound plan, relying on our years of proven experience and intimate knowledge of our land and deer. We start with infrastructure improvements, pivotal procedures for ingress/egress during all wind conditions.  Creating all-season roads and stormwater drain management to keep road/trail system intact.

We are partnered with Whitetail Institute, have been for 18 years, for seeding multiple food plots of various sizes, and proper timber management is addressed, key to creating and sustaining adequate cover and enhancing browse, offering nutrition on every part of the property possible. The remainder of the development process includes implementing high protein Deer 30 mineral sites throughout the property as well as creating stand and blind locations in strategic, wind correct areas. The development process delivers a property that is ready to hunt immediately!

Step 3

Step 3 - Subdivide the acreage

Every divided tract incorporates planned improvements, including multiple food plots, improved roads and trails, proper ingress/egress trails from designated parking to property to hunting, mineral sites and water sources. Most tracts within the HC boundaries have multiple access point options for entering and exiting stand locations, as dictated by wind direction, critical to pursuing mature bucks. Our goal is to offer tracts to passionate hunters of all budgets.

Step 4

Step 4 - Document and Record the Rules

Our goal is to create an opportunity for serious trophy deer hunters to purchase an affordable hunting property. The absolute most important part of the community is to develop a sound age structure system. This can only be accomplished by allowing 3-4 year old bucks the ability to "walk". This critical element is the heartbeat of our entire hunt community endeavor.

To accomplish this goal, the HC must be a controlled environment where the neighbors are like-minded and agree and abide by the same rules and regulations. Each tract owner will become a member of the Hunt Community. This Cooperative will require each member to abide by some fundamental, but simple rules that support our key principles: HC deer will have abundant food to eat ( maintain your plots), cooperative members will let HC deer grow to maturity (4.5 yrs.+) before harvesting, doe will be targeted and harvested as part of the plan, pictures will be shared to "red flag" ( positively identify) bucks that are designated as NO SHOOT.

We intend to promote camaraderie and kindred spirit, and are seeking those who cherish our heritage, but simply want to concentrate their antlered hunting efforts at a specific age buck, which will enable many bucks the opportunity to reach their full potential, if community members will abide by the concept.

Step 5

Step 5 - Commitment to the Program

The Hunt Community Agreement will list minimum standards for food plot and road maintenance. Each cooperative member has the option to maintain their own tract however they best deem necessary, or can pay an annual fee for Tad's team of experts to manage the tract for them. Continuing commitment to these elements is crucial to the overall long term development.