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Consultation Pricing

Consultation Pricing

Consultation Pricing

Each Consultation includes:

Two day property visit and walk through

Rough draft for equipment procedures

Rough draft for food and water source initiative

Two Mineral sites set up and made active ( state law permitting )

50% Deposit required on scheduling - Refundable with 14 day notice prior to scheduled consultation

All consultation fees are deducted from total project costs upon agreement of Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetails to perform the recommended plan and work. Call for pricing.

The best barometer of our success is the relationships we create and sustain with our clients. We are not a fast talking, guarantee to work kind of folks. We are honest and simple, straight answer folks. The work is hard, the effort is hard and the commitment must be real, BUT we are charged with protecting and enhancing our habitat and herd, and responsible for the resource we pursue and sustain. The friendship and trust we build with passionate hunters and landowners is our legacy, and we are dang proud of it. We are not afraid to sweat, and love to be in the trenches right with you every step of the way!

Tad Ladd testimonials

"Tad is a whitetail ninja. He and his crew are the most knowledgeable and hardest workers I have ever encountered. Tad's natural instincts are simply a God given talent, and he communicates his thought process from start to finish like no one I have ever used in my management efforts ever before. We have turned my 115 acres in western Kentucky into everything I imagined and hoped for, exceeded my hopes actually, and knowing Tad is with us every step of the way I'm excited about what my farm can do in the coming years."    Nate Dallas, GA  Email Nate

"Tadd is a wealth of whitetail knowledge, and I've been hunting longer than he's been alive. Genuine and honest, and as hard a worker there is. He takes the time and does it right, and communicates every process with us from start to finish. I will use him and his team for as long as I own whitetail hunting property.''  John See, AR   Text John

"Tad Ladd is one of the most humble, hard working men I have ever met. His whitetail acumen is off the charts, and his ability to "see" the entire picture is remarkable, and even more remarkable the manner in which he helps me see it from every perspective. He is simply the best at getting the most out of every property he manages.''     Josh Duncan, WVA  Email Josh

"Tad does what he says when he says he will, always has. He has transformed our 150 acres in west Ky into exactly what we envisioned and is never more than a phone call away."   Sam Mahon, FL   Text Sam

"Tadd was able to turn a logged rock, lol, into a trophy producing big buck area. He uses Whitetail Institute seed and gets the most of every available foot of ground. What we thought was a three year project actually took him 3 months, and we will be hunting it this fall, absolutely remarkable."   Roger Hirshey - FL   Email Roger

"Partnering with Tad Ladd on our Western KY farm was a no brainer. Tad is knowledgeable, professional, hard working and honest. He took his vision and turned our farm into an incredible piece of property specifically designed to hunt and kill big, mature whitetails. From start to finish, Tad is there every step of the way and the attention to detail is incredible. Tad helped us establish entry and exit points for different parts of the farm, install and maintain our food plots, select and setup all stand locations for a variety of wind directions, develop a mineral and protein program and continues to be directly involved with the ongoing management of our deer herd. Our dream of having an outstanding whitetail farm in Western KY was made possible through our partnership with Tad. He is not only the best at what he does, but he has become a great friend along the way.''       John Mitchell - LA   Email John