Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetail Velvet Bow Hunts

The Kentucky Velvet bow hunt is one of the earliest bow openers in the country. Our season opens the first Saturday in September. Deer are typically still in late summer patterns, and still traveling in bachelor groups. The bucks are very casual because they have been under no pressure, and velvet hunters have the luxury of being the first hunters in the woods for the season. We will be hunting Food and water sources. We have acres of high nutritious Whitetail Institute food plots, and standing beans and corn as well. We have taken some great bucks on our velvet hunts.

The velvet hunt is a five day hunt, and unless weather conditions are cool, it is an afternoon only hunt.  Our lodging cabins are separate from our main cabin. We cook, eat and socialize in the main lodge, so the sleeping cabins can be as scent free as possible, and so those who want to rest can do so without any disturbance.

 We also encourage hunters to purchase a Kentucky turkey tag and attempt to kill one with your bow, it is a thrill, and there is no other cost. Safety harness required, we have a safety line on every stand. We will be hunting lock-ons and single ladders.

We are limiting hunters in order to make your hunt as personable as possible and to keep pressure as minimal as possible. Our facilities are first class, and so is our hunting. We would love to have you.

50% Deposit Due on Reservation - Balance due July 31, 2019
Hunter responsible for Full Season Non Resident License and Deer Tag  - Can be bought over counter or Click Here

Non Hunting Companion Fee $500
5 day hunt

Call 270-559-6373 with questions or to pay via credit card

Mail Check:

Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetails LLC
480 Otter Pond Road
Princeton, KY 42445