Sound Stewardship is the key to maximizing the value of your property !

We are blessed to have a deer herd with incredible natural genetics, BUT genetics alone cannot sustain a herd. We are charged with protecting and sustaining our wonderful natural resource and ensuring every measure is taken to promote an enduring plan of management for our wildlife.


We are professional land managers and have the required resources and experience to
implement and sustain a management plan for our lands, we do it as our profession.


We have industry resources and a vast network of partners who have committed their entire careers to performing management practices. We have an extensive network of clients that trust us. We have earned that trust and respect by honoring our word and commitments and delivering exactly as we promise.


If you want to protect our natural resource while increasing the value of your property join us.

What we do for you?
Turn $800 - $1200 acre land into $1800 - $2500 acre land

How do we do it?
We implement our proven management plan and showcase your property to esteemed hunting clients from all over the country. We know what sophisticated hunters are looking for in a property, and we have a vast network of such hunters seeking land under our management program because of the manner in which we prepare and maintain our farms.

What does it cost me?
Nothing out of pocket. We provide the equipment and materials in exchange for exclusive hunting rights. Typical agreement terms are for 5 years.

We implement our management plan, including but not limited to:
Mineral sites, to be maintained year round.
Food plots.
Trails for ingress/egress
Food stands
We own and use our equipment for all management practices.

You will not incur any out of pocket expense during any of the process
. We take our responsibility as stewards and conservationists very seriously. We must have exclusive hunting and management rights to the property in order to bring it to the standard that we maintain our own properties. We will hunt our exclusive network of guests as we market the property, should selling it be your goal. We will increase the value of your property regardless of what your goal may be, you will incur no out of pocket expense.

We know how to increase the fertility of your soil, we know where to place food sources, how to grow them, how to maintain those sources, and how to attract and grow big bucks. It is good for the land, good for the wildlife, good for the property value, good for our business and good for the landowner. We will do the work.

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