Let's talk about "Enhancement"

We are blessed to have a deer herd with incredible natural genetics here in western Kentucky, BUT genetics alone cannot sustain a herd. We spend every day creating and implementing enhancement plans, to give our deer every possible opportunity to reach their genetic potential. I believe we can help you in your quest to have a healthier herd, and to assist your bucks in gaining every inch possible.


We are professional land managers, it is what we do, it is all we do. We have created a system which enables us to evaluate a property, based on every characteristic, including;  terrain, soil topography, soil analysis, yeild potential, and crop potential, and are able to quickly assess just what we are looking at to get that property to our standards.


I do not think you can truly manage something, unless you have complete control of it. We are fair chase hunters, and therefore do not have complete control of our dynamic. That is why we use the term enhancement. I believe any property, whether 10 acres or 1000 can be enhanced. An enhancement program that encompasses all aspects of a healthy herd including: fawn recruitment, doe vitality and nursing enhancement, cover enhancement and of course, programs dedicated to assist bucks in their development.


We are going to have a casual seminar, talking plainly and answering questions about steps you can take, things you need to know, and how to implement a plan of enhancement for your hunting property. We will give away some gear, and hopefully give you some knowledge, insight, and confidence.
It's not so much us telling you what to do, as it is informing you what NOT to do, so you can make the most of your enhancement investment.

Join us:

February 8, 2018
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
Crown Plaza Conference Center
Crown Plaza Hotel - Harrisburg, PA

$50 per person






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