Tad Ladd Property Management Testimonials

Tad and his team take farming for whitetail deer to a whole new level. Their dedication, professionalism and attention to detail show in all aspects of their land management plan. Hunters can appreciate, just as I have, driving to their farm(s), climbing into their treestand and everything is as it’s supposed to be - trails are mowed, clover is green and big bucks are plentiful!  If a hunter is looking for turnkey potential, look no further.....these guys know their stuff and are honest, straight forward, land management specialists.

- Chris Welsh
   Central Florida


Everything about your operation is first rate. The accommodations,  food, and guides were outstanding. Best of all, you are doing all the right things to provide your clients with tremendous deer hunting for years to come. I have hunted all over the U.S. and Canada for over 50 years. I can honestly say that all things considered, you have the best fair chase whitetail deer hunting I have experienced. The numbers and quality of the deer on your properties is amazing...a real testament to your management practices. We are already looking forward to returning next year. I’m not into Facebook, but feel free to use this testimonial as you feel appropriate.

All the best,
Jim Pampinella


My father and I had our absolute best hunting experience with Tad and his staff. We both saw an abundance of deer, including both mature bucks as well as a very promising crop of younger bucks. We will definately be back due to the hospitality and comforts of the lodge, as well as the quality of the deer and the management system that is in place. This place will have trophy whitetails for many years to come! Please email me if you have any questions tlrpullingteam@gmail.com
Logan Roberson


Tadd Ladd is a true outdoorsman and simply knows how to put hunters in front of deer. I have hunted with outfitters in several different states and can say that Tadd, by far, works harder for his customer than any I've hunted with. His knowledge, and personality leave nothing to be desired when hunting with an outfitter. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great hunt in an area with amazing genetics!

David Box


2015 was my first year deer hunting.  Early on I identified that fair chase and utilization of the meat were important to me.  I began to look at outfitters that would help me learn about deer hunting and held the same values as I did.  When I called Tad to ask some questions, I immediately knew Tad Ladd was the right outfitter for me.   Tad spoke about his deer with respect and passion and how important fair chase ethics were to him.  I could also tell he cared deeply about his clients.  I signed up that day.

Fast forward to November 2015:

 I showed up at Tad Ladd's Western Kentucky White Tail and was immediately impressed with the accommodations, guides, meals and organization. Having never been to an outfitter, I didn't really know what to expect.   It became very obvious that all I had to worry about was hunting.  Tad's guides ensured that no matter the weather or wind his guides were going to put his clients in the best possible position to harvest some of Kentucky's finest deer.  The stand placement was phenomenal and the properties were beautiful.  The amount of work Tad and his crew do in the off season is amazing.  It was everything you could ask for in a fair chase hunting experience.  In the end, I did harvest my first buck.  I made an ethical shot with my bow at 18yds.  Tad's guides walked me through the field dressing process, which I requested.  The deer meat is in my freezer and my family is enjoying it weekly.  My experience at Tad Ladd's was more than harvesting a Kentucky white tail deer; it was an important and satisfying learning experience that only has fueled my passion for hunting.  I am very grateful for all the knowledge Tad and his guides shared with me that week.  I hope to hunt with them again in the near future. Please email me for any information at sdnewmeyer@yahoo.com

-Scott NewMyer


I believe I said it once and I will say it again.  First Class!  The lodging, hunting, food and the attitude of everyone around that weekend was awesome.  From the moment you arrive, you can see the passion and dedication they have to offer you for that unforgettable experience.  This same passion and dedication carried into the woods with their knowledge of the land and deer herd.  Each stand was in the right location with easy access to and from.  The stands were safe and secure and each had their own life line.  Did I mention they were comfortable!  And let me say, he has the deer.  I had multiple encounters with bucks on every sit including the last evening in which I had 40+ deer in the field and around me with 9 bucks.  One particular shooter that I missed that evening is still engrained in my mind.  More importantly I feel like I made some new friends and I will definitely be back next year.  Thanks Tad and the rest of the crew for an unforgettable experience. 

 Email me at ajackson@edtrust.com  

Adam J. - Tennessee


Tad and his crew have worked tirelessly to create an unequaled experience.  From the beds more comfortable than in a five star hotel, to the top of the line stands placed in ideal locations for every wind direction, Tad has planned everything with the excellence in mind!  Having hunted with outfitters before, I have never seen a more complete operation.  It is obvious that Tad Ladd knows deer management, resource management, and how to parlay those elements into hunter success. 

Stuart Boone - Oklahoma


From the very first conversation with Tad Ladd I realized that my September 2015 velvet whitetail hunt was going to be special. I could hear in Tads voice the passion and dedication he has put forth to offer an affordable, quality experience. Upon arrival my feelings were confirmed. Top notch lodging, dining facilities, 3D target range and Tads desire to make sure I had all I needed to feel at home. Tads attention to detail carried into the woods. Stand locations were prime, stands were safe and secure and each had its own life line and pull up rope.  Although I did not harvest a trophy I saw plenty of action, and more importantly had a great experience and was treated like family. I will definitely return to Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetails.

Carmen E.
Syaracuse, NY


Tad has been managing a farm next to ours for three years now and I can't believe how much our farm has benefitted from the work. Our place is only 200 acres and we were on the verge of giving up the lease. I am simply amazed at how it has changed in just three years. He has shared his plan and always included us in the camera surveys and the turn around has been remarkable. He's a good neighbor and a great manager, and dedicated to his plan, and it works"

Fred F.