Tad Ladd West Kentucky Whitetails Management

Stewardship Program

We are a full time operation. Our full time job is to prepare our properties for our guests that hunt with us.

That's what we do and that's all we do. We fertilize, lime and maintain our
Whitetail Institute seeded plots for year round nutrition and hunting.

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We implement our management plan year round and grow unharvested food stands,
customize our CRP stands, and place our high nutritious  plots exactly where we want them,
all for the benefit of our hunting guests.

We are serious about our profession and you'll recognize it immediately.



Our deer THRIVE, not just survive by the remnants of harvested farm fields?

We live in an agriculture area, and we know farming. Every farmer we know utilizes every acre possible to grow their crops, their livelihood depends on it. The equipment todays farmer uses is much more efficient than the harvesters of just 10 years ago, we know, we are qualified operators.  Those two combinations mean very little food left in the field for the wildlife, at the time it is most important for them.

Our properties are unique in the fact we have acres set aside solely and strictly for the benefit of our wildlife.

Custom CRP

CRP stands for Crop Reduction Program. It is simply a USDA initiated program to reimburse farmers for not farming erodable ground, allowing the soil to replenish and accumulate top soil. If followed correctly, there are strict guidelines, and farmers must abide by them to receive the funding per their contract.

Our properties have no such contracts, and we are able to grow CRP, natural thick growth, where it benefits our hunters most. We can place high nutritious plots anywhere within or around our stands, something that is forbidden under normal CRP contracts. CRP is simply natural, thick growth of all wild and native species, and our deer love the security it provides.

We have the advantage of growing this where ever we choose, all for the benefit of the deer and our guest

Vast Timber

 If you want to take a true booner, you need to be in the woods. Your percentage raises dramatically than just sitting along an open field.

Our properties are heavily timber balanced, and the food is primarily grown by us, to be unharvested, so our hunters and our wildlife both are the beneficiaries.

We have a complete line of our own equipment to accomplish our management plan as well.
It simply puts our hunters at an advantage, even before they ever arrive.

Our goal is to get everyone involved in quality management. We believe our state is on the cusp of producing the best whitetail hunting in the country, and sharing ideas and assisting each other only helps that process.

Here are the procedures and steps we take to ensure quality management.

♦  Soil Samples
It all starts with the soil, we must know our soil deficiencies; we test every year.

♦  Fertilizer Applications
Once our deficiencies are defined, we match our fertilizer to the targeted crop; annual fertilizing can drastically change the fertility of any soil and enrich it for the deer as well

♦  Lime Applications
The acidic level of our soil must be in balance for our seed and promotes vitality and stability in the health of the herd; must be applied annually

♦  High Quality Seed
We use
Whitetail Institute seed in several varieties for specific nutrient and hunting strategies

♦  Unharvested Food Stands
We are one of a very few able to grow crop stands and leave them unharvested for supplemental feed and hunting strategies
and it is a monumental step in the development of our herd, and much better than picking through cut fields with the combines of today

♦  Dozed trails for quiet and stealthy entry and exit
We use our own dozer and have created a unique trail system for quiet entry and exit which are pivotal from a pressure standpoint and increase your odds tremendously

♦  Mineral Supplements
We use Lucky Buck - An American company that has produced the results we need in adding mass to our bucks and assisting our does when nursing - We will use two tons this season

We have the advantage of managed CRP: that means we can cut as we wish and grow as best suits our hunting strategies because we are not bound by a USDA program like most farmers

♦ Herd management
 We  encourage the harvesting of does - our grain based venison is unbelievable at the table. Our goal is to take mature bucks. We'll have a crash course and also provide a shoot, don't shoot photo list on arrival. Just because a buck is 130" doesn't mean he is a mature buck. There are no fines at our outfit, just a concerted effort to harvest mature bucks, and we feel the responsibility lies with us to define to you what a mature buck is before you leave the lodge.

♦  Supplemental Feed
We dedicate many acres to winter food sources: we also grow and harvest our own corn to use as a food source when our winters get rough: its stored on site so all we have to do is start the tractor and pull under the bin to help our deer and turkey with a little feed when the weather dictates

♦ Water
We have a dozer and have sufficient water holes on our properties: another advantage where we are not bound by the existing landscape

♦  Equipment
We have a full line of equipment; dozer,  tractors,  drills and planters, we own our bushhogs and mowers, and sprayers and have every implement necessary to operate a successful outfit

In summary, we are passionate about what we do, and proud to work for and offer our guests what we feel is an extraordinary place to hunt. We know many of you simply can't get all these things done because of your work duties and commitment to your families and your profession. You are why we do it, every day.

Call us today, we'll answer any question we can: 270-559-6373