Rules and FAQ

Items you need to bring:

Great attitude
Safety Harness
Rain Gear
 Green Light
Therma Cell

Full Season NR Hunting License and Deer permit

Your deer permit allows for one buck and three doe.
Rubber hunting boots

Mailing Address

480 Otter Pond Road
Princeton, KY 42445
Lodge Address

1016 Jake Hollow Road
Princeton, KY 42445
Contact Info



Please reward our staff for their excellent service. Rule of thumb is 10% of the hunt cost.

All guests arrive the day prior to your hunt. Check in time is between 3:00 and 5:00 pm CST.

We are stand/blind hunters, walking puts you in danger, puts you in a position of possible trespassing and we simply will not tolerate it, period.

 Green lights only
White / LED spook our deer - Stealth is our greatest asset

Cover / Spray ons allowed
Attractant not allowed - will be provided by your guide when needed

Safety Harness
All hunters must provide and wear a safety system while hunting. We have Hunter Safety System safety lines affixed to every tree and they must be connected the entire time you are off the ground, no exceptions

I recommend you bring one, especially early season hunters.

We have a walk in cooler right beside our cleaning station to store your harvest. You may clean/process your deer or our guides will be happy to do it for a small fee of $40  Caping fee $100

Turkey Tag
We want you to purchase the fall archery tag and shoot a turkey with your bow if the opportunity presents itself - Its a thrill to take a turkey with a bow and we want you to experience it

Our goal is to harvest MATURE bucks. 4.5 and up is the ideal scenario. Our genetics can only be truly reached if our bucks are allowed to grow. We have all the management factors in place, we just need you to be vigilant and a part of the team when it comes time to shoot. We can grow 170''+ deer, we just need you to recognize a mature shooter. Read about it here.

I am a prick when it comes to foreign objects in my woods. Come prepared to be a neat hunter who pays full attention to not leaving any foreign matter, wrappers-bags-cans-bottles, in our woods, please.

Wounded Deer Policy
We hope each hunter will make every effort to make an ethical shot, at any and every animal. We will use every method and exhaust every avenue to recover every animal we know to be wounded. This is a common sense type situation, in the fact we want you to be proficient with your weapon and take an ethical shot. It will be a case by case basis as to whether we permit the hunter to continue to hunt, and all decisions by the outfit will be final.

Our goal is to get back to truly enjoying the entire hunting experience. We have a beautiful place to sit and take it all in, and have a drink and enjoy the fire and the culture. Our prices reflect the value we place on our herd and the work we do each and every day for our deer and for you, our guest.   We are looking for hunters who see the value in our work and our plan, and want to be part of growing something special. We believe we have found such a group with this years guests.