Our Mission

Provide exceptional fair chase hunting opportunities for our guests by managing
our properties year round providing year round nutrition, and continual habitat improvements that
are rooted in sound conservation practices and genuine stewardship with a commitment to both the resource and our guest.

I'm Tad Ladd. I was born and raised right here in western Kentucky. I left the farm for the USAF and traveled around the world in my duties. I returned to my family farm, right here in western Kentucky in 2006. I have been pursuing this opportunity my entire life.
My first bow hunt was in 1981, I was eleven.
I have been hunting, observing, studying and managing
whitetails ever since, all in preparation for this moment. 

  I have had a vision for hosting guests since I first guided a whitetail hunter from another state in 2004; A 100% commitment to the resource means a 100% commitment to the hunter. We have assembled a team of dedicated hunters with the same passion and mindset; our land and our deer are priority number one, and therefore so is our guest, we take that stewardship very seriously.

 We take no shortcuts, and dedicate proper preparation and strategic planning in every aspect of our operation. Soil samples, fertilizer mixes, high quality seed, managed cut over and habitat improvement, unharvested crops for supplement feed, our resource deserves our total commitment, and we provide it each and every day.

We are fair chase hunters, always have been, always will be.  I cannot guarantee any guest that he or she will harvest a buck. What I can guarantee is that we will work every day, to ensure you have the best opportunity possible, in an area that is genetically sound, and in an area where the resource and the guest are respected and treated in the utmost regard.

Any hunter who has ever hunted with us will verify that fact, and that is a guarantee.

Our Team

Michael Leachman

Michael is a full time employee. Michael is an accomplished hunter with 30 years of hunting western Kentucky Whitetails. Michael has taken multiple Pope and Young and B & C bucks and is a tireless worker for his guests.
Larry Morse

This is Larry's second season with us. Larry has taken multiple Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett bucks. Larry has been hunting our area for 25 years and is an accomplished tracker as well as a fabulous guide.
Craig Wyatt

Craig has served as a guide with us for three years. Craig is known by our guests as a personable and knowledgeable guide. Craig has taken multiple Pope and Young and B & C bucks during his 25 years of chasing western Kentucky whitetails.
Dylan Adams

Dylan is my nephew, and is my right hand from the time school is out til time to go back in the fall. Dylan is becoming quite the hunter, and loves chasing western Kentucky bruisers.
Kevin Freeman

This will be Kevin's first year with us. I have grown up with and known Kevin for 30 years, and he will work as hard as I do. Kevin has been an invaluable asset to our management prep the past year, and will bring that same effort to his guests.