Changes for 2018 Hunts - Buck Minimum to be strictly enforced

I wish I could type this and convey my thoughts with the clarity and sincereity I have in my mind. If you have hunted with us, you can see without a doubt we have every "enhancement" practice in place. It has been my goal, since our inception, to create an outfit, where our guests pursue trophy class bucks.

Our area has proven genetics, and our year round effort and investment of your hunt dollar has raised our carrying capacity to nearly two tons of food per animal. The only way to get our deer to that trophy class age of 5 years, is to let them grow. Age is the only variable we are lacking in producing Boone and Crockett bucks regularly.

In the beginning, we had a no "fine" system in place. We had hoped to attract a hunter that shared our same values and our mindset in regard to hunting big bucks. We could take 18-20 guests per hunt,  but we don't. We keep our guests numbers down in order to make your hunt personable, and to keep pressure as minimal as possible. Those that have hunted with us, and have seen our facilities, our management practice, and all the other things we provide realize the profit margin is slim.

I started this outfit not as an attempt to get wealthy, but in a attempt to try to have a special place, where the wildlife truly get our full attention and effort, and the guest becomes a part of the endeavor itself.

I will state this now, "If you have to kill a deer to have a successful hunt, you do not need to be hunting with us." It is that simple.

We are fair chase hunters. I do not understand how a hunter can shoot an animal that is inhibited, in any capacity. Fair chase hunting is not easy, but it is hunting. There is a huge difference between hunting and killing. Our goal is to hunt and take bucks that are mature, and are considered trophy class bucks, meaning they are 150" or better. Trying to get in front of a mature deer of this size is not an easy task in a fair chase environment, each guest needs to realize this. We are searching for guests who are willing to help us in our effort, and who enjoy the challenge of out-smarting one of these trophy class bucks. We are looking for guests who see the value in the work we do here at our place, year round, and who want to contribute and be a part of that endeavor.

Starting this season, 2018, we are going to strictly enforce the following guidelines, and we will assess a fee to any guest who takes a buck that does not meet the criteria.

1)  Bucks will have a minimum 5 inch mass measurement at the H1 measurement, antler base,
 in accordance with the Boone and Crockett scoring system

and / or

2) Bucks will weigh a minimum of 190 pounds

As hunters, we all agree that the two leading indicators of age are antler mass and body weight. So these are the two guidelines we have set and will adhere to.

Any buck taken that does not meet the above criteria will result in the hunter paying a $500 fee, immediately, as soon as the buck is deemed undersize. This ammendum will be added to the hunter liability agreement that each guest must sign upon arrival, prior to hunting.

In my opinion, these characteristics, are identifiable, and experienced hunters should be able to distinguish them, quickly.

We are no longer interested in hunters who simply :

"want to fill a tag"
"do not want to go home empty handed"
"really couldn't tell how big he was"
"would shoot him on the last day but not on the first"
"have to kill a buck to justify the hunt opportunity"
"say it is a good one where I'm from"

I don't say this as an indictment of anyone. I want to operate a special place, which requires a special type of hunter, that desires to pursue a special kind of whitetail, and realizes AGE is the key component to that process!